EHDH client obtains $250,000 settlement (policy limits) following collision on Tallassee Road

After this EHDH client suffered a neck fracture and broken bones in her right ankle resulting from a near head-on collision, Jeff DeLoach successfully negotiated a payment of the full policy limits available from the negligent driver’s insurance carrier, which resulted in a recovery of $250,000.

EHDH client receives $495,000 settlement for injuries in collision

Jeff DeLoach and Ed Allen represented a school bus driver who suffered injuries to his shoulder and neck as a result of a collision caused by a negligent driver. The case was successfully resolved for our client with a $495,000 settlement after the filing of a lawsuit and completion of discovery depositions.

EHDH client recovers $900,000 (policy limits) from multiple insurance policies for injuries suffered in collision

After being struck by a driver who ran a stop sign, which caused a broken neck and multiple lacerations and fractures, the injured driver was represented by Jeff DeLoach who obtained a policy limits payment of $100,000 from the negligent driver. Importantly, Jeff DeLoach was able to locate and obtain coverage under 5 separate underinsured motorist policies, which each paid out their policy limits resulting in $800,000 of additional compensation for a well-deserving client.

EHDH recovers $29 million class settlement from Bank of America

Adam Hoipkemier and Kevin Epps served as co-lead counsel in breach of contract litigation against Bank of America in the Southern District of Florida. After the Plaintiffs defeated Bank of America’s motion to dismiss and engaged in extensive discovery of the bank’s lending practices and data, Judge Ursula Ungaro approved a $29 million settlement for the class (Dorado v. Bank of America, N.A.; 1:16-CV-21147-UU).

EHDH recovers $3.5 million class settlement from SunTrust Mortgage Company

Adam Hoipkemier and Kevin Epps served as co-lead counsel in breach of contract litigation against SunTrust Mortgage. The case settled after the Southern District of Florida denied the lender-defendants’ motion to dismiss in parallel litigation. Judge Richard Story of the Northern District of Georgia approved a $3.5 million settlement on behalf of the class (Felix v. SunTrust Mortgage Company, Inc., Case No. 2:16-cv-00066-RWS).

EHDH recovers $30 million class settlement from Wells Fargo Bank

Adam Hoipkemier and Kevin Epps served as lead counsel on behalf of a class of FHA mortgage borrowers alleging they were overcharged interest at closing by Wells Fargo Bank in breach of the terms of their mortgages and in violation of federal mortgage regulations. The Plaintiffs pursued a multi-pronged litigation strategy involving parallel claims for violations of the Texas Fair Debt Collection Act. After nearly three years of litigation, Judge Haywood Gilliam of the Northern District of California approved a $30 million settlement for the class (Fowler v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; Case No. 4:17-cv-02092-HSG).

EHDH secures a $200,000 settlement for injured restaurant patron

Jeff DeLoach and Ed Allen served as counsel for a restaurant patron that suffered injuries when assaulted by an employee at a fast food chain. After bringing a lawsuit asserting claims for negligence and vicarious liability against the restaurant owner, and pursuing detailed discovery, the defendant’s insurer settled the case with a lump sum payment of $200,000 to our well-deserving client.

Jeff DeLoach obtains summary judgment on Plaintiff’s claims of breach of contract and fraud arising from real estate contract

The Superior Court of White County, Georgia granted summary judgment to EHDH clients who were defendants in a case arising from a proposed real estate purchase that was not closed by Plaintiff. Plaintiff alleged breaches of contract and fraud against the defendants. The Judge ruled that defendants did not breach the contract because they were prepared to deliver title as required by the terms of the contract. Additionally, the Judge ruled that the entire agreement provision in the sales contract estopped the Plaintiff from asserting a fraud claim based upon representations made outside of the contract. The Judge dismissed all of the Plaintiff’s claims. Defendants were represented by Jeff DeLoach. (June 6, 2018; Chief Usti Oo-Neh-Gah Gees-Due v. Mays, et al., Civil Action no. 2017-CV-0343-SG.)

Jeff DeLoach successfully overcomes insurance company’s motion for summary judgment seeking to deny coverage

Being associated as co-counsel by another firm, Jeff DeLoach defended Country Mutual Insurance Company’s efforts to deny insurance coverage to an injured party arising from a shooting occurring at the residence of the policy holder. The insurance company sought summary judgment claiming that the shooting was an intentional act excluded from coverage under the policy. On January 30, 2018, the Superior Court of Jackson County denied the insurance company’s motion for summary judgment and agreed with Jeff DeLoach that questions of fact existed that had to be resolved by a jury. Subsequent to the ruling, the injured party’s claims were successfully settled with the insurance company so that no trial was necessary. (January 30, 2018; Country Mutual Insurance Company v. Kemp, et al., Civil Action No. X-15-CV-0683.)

Jeff DeLoach wins summary judgment for seller of real property

Following the transfer of a dispossessory case from Magistrate Court, Jeff DeLoach won summary judgment in the Superior Court of Oconee County on Defendant’s counterclaims for breach of contract and for the return of $42,000 in earnest money following Defendant’s failure to close on the purchase of real property in accordance with a Lease/Purchase Agreement. The Order granting EHDH’s client summary judgment was entered on May 18, 2018. (RWJ, Inc. v. Carter; Civil Action No. SUCV2017-00320).

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