Facing serious criminal law charges is no laughing matter. Aside from the imminent consequences of potential jail time and costly fines, you could live the rest of your life with a tarnished criminal record. For all of these reasons, if you have been arrested, it is important to act promptly to obtain effective legal counsel. By retaining the help of a criminal defense attorney from early in the process, you can rest assured that you will have an aggressive legal advocate in your corner from the very beginning.

EHDH provides the representation you deserve when facing potential criminal law prosecution and a life changing event. From the outset, EHDH provides you with an aggressive, professional and comprehensive defense to any criminal charge you may be facing. Most importantly EHDH’s attorneys have vast experience taking cases to trial that result in the client being completely acquitted of all charges. EHDH attorneys are prepared to assist in the defense of a vast array of felonies and misdemeanors, including juvenile court matters, traffic offenses, drug cases, domestic violence, theft, obstruction, DUI, vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, arson, and other major felonies.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney, you should seek a lawyer with experience, knowledge and the advocacy skills to obtain the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Obviously, your reputation, liberty, finances, and future are at stake. EHDH attorneys have significant experience in all aspects of criminal defense and will stand by you in your time of need. Call us to find out how we can assist you.

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